Beginners Course

** Our Autumn 2017 Beginners Course has now finished – please check back in the new year when the dates for the Spring 2018 course are released**

How to enrol

Enrolling on a beginners course is quick and easy. Contact  us here for more information.

Course Dates

We offer training and instruction for adults and children (over 8 years of age) who wish to learn Archery. We run two courses a year, one in Spring and one in the Autumn.

The course lasts 12 hrs and is spread over four weekends. You need to attend all four sessions in order to complete the course.

The current course runs on the following dates with each session being 3 hours. Please ensure you have enrolled prior to the start of the first session:

  • No dates scheduled
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What we do

This course enables those who are new to Archery to try the sport without the cost of membership or equipment. Our aim is to ensure you have a good, safe Archery experience.
As part of the course we will:

  • Provide all the archery equipment you will need for the course.
  • Provide safety instruction and supervision.
  • Teach you a basic Target Archery technique and discuss the various other types of archery that are available.
  • Provide an opportunity to apply for Derwent Bowmen Archery Club Membership.
  • Give advice on types and sources of equipment.

What you need to do

Wear sensible clothing. Close fitting clothing for the upper body. Enough clothing to keep warm and dry; archery is an outdoor sport that is done in all weather conditions. Multiple thin layers are better than thick woolens and a coat that can be slipped on whilst waiting would be useful. Flat, sturdy footwear (boots for wet or damp conditions). Remove any jewellery or facial piercing that could cause a hazard. Long or flowing hair should be tied back or kept under a hat.

How much does it cost?

The course costs £50 per person. If you are unable to attend on one of the dates, we run catch-up sessions at £15 per session per person.

Joining Derwent Bowmen

Once you’ve completed the Beginners course you can apply to join Derwent Bowmen (or another club if you wish) as a full or supervisory member. For more information please see our Fees and Joining page.