We run coaching sessions throughout the year in order to help archers with all aspects of their archery. All members are welcome at these sessions.

The coaches are also available for you to ask for help individually, they will not generally ask if you want help so please email or see them at the club if you would like some help with your archery.

Scheduled Sessions

  • No Sessions Organised yet
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Coach Name Coach Level
Jane Henderson-Hirst Level 2 Coach
Christine Oldroyd Level 2 Coach
Alison Caughey Level 2 Coach
Glenson Hurt (Gurt) Level 1 Coach
Martin Church Level 1 Coach
Dean Hirst Level 1 Coach
Sarah Smith Level 1 Coach
Paul McBride Level 1 Coach
Simon Holmes Level 1 Coach
Clare Conder Level 1 Coach
Alex Holmes Level 1 Coach
Eva Henderson-Hirst Level 1 Coach
Struan Caughey Level 1 Coach
Jack Masefield Level 1 Coach