A First World Record Status 18m and Head to Head

12074981_1147323421962848_1184494496382008157_n.jpgDerwent have held a really successful junior competition in October 2015.

Making good use of the club’s new indoor shooting range club coach Simon Holmes organised a five counties tournament that saw junior archers from Northampton, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire turn up to shoot.

The round was a WR status 18m plus head to head. “All of the archers seemed to have had fun and a lot of them gained the new experience of shooting their first ‘head to head'” said coach Simon Holmes. His thanks also went to the many helpers who managed to ensure that the day ran smoothly from start to finish.

We are sure this will be the first of many such successful shoots designed to bring young archers together in the spirit of healthy competition.