New Look Website

Actual image of me currently deciding on if that font choice and colour is any good. Meme by

So having co-opted the role of webmaster I have began on developing the website. As some of you know I’m also the webmaster for the County and was behind it’s recent developments. The two sites will start off looking similar but will slowly drift apart as I work on creating a little home on the internet for Derwent.

The main priorities

General work

  • Events Calender for the club
  • Clear contact details
  • Help for others finding us
  • A new look to the website
  • More media and updates

Members area:

  • Club Constitution
  • AGM Minutes
  • Meeting Minutes
  • View Club Records
  • Apply for Club Records
  • Documents & Forms

As ever this is a developing project. So anyone with any ideas, complaints or compliments are more than welcome to bring them to me.

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