Privacy & GDPR Policy

Derwent Bowmen Privacy Notice and GDPR Policy

Last updated: 24/05/2018

Who We Are

Derwent Bowmen Archery Club (of Gold Close, Darley Bridge, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2LA) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing archery facilities to its members and archery related sporting opportunities to the community.  In this notice, Derwent Bowmen Archery Club may subsequently be referred to as ‘the club’ or ‘we’ where appropriate.

The club is wholly committed to the protection of your personal data and to ensuring that it is only used in ways that you would reasonably expect.  We will never sell or pass on data to any outside organisation, with the specific exception of passing data required for affiliation of new members to the national, regional and county bodies governing the sport of archery.

Information We Gather and Process

As an essential part of the routine running of the club, it is necessary that we gather and process certain types of personal data, listed below.  Except where otherwise stated, the lawful basis for processing of this data under GDPR is ‘legitimate interests.’  For more information, see

Contact Enquiries

Personal data arising from enquiries into club facilities and services, received via the website contact forms, email or other means, will only be used to respond to the given enquiry and details will not be retained, without your agreement, once the enquiry has been dealt with.  For example, details might be retained in the event of an enquiry into a beginner’s course in which no places are available, in which case the enquirer may be contacted to determine if they wish their details to be retained on a waiting list.

Membership Details

The standard application form requests the following details: name, address, phone number(s), email address, date of birth and (for Archery GB registered archers) Archery GB number.

If an applicant is not successful, the form and details will be shredded and any resulting electronic data deleted.

On a successful application, the paper copy of the application form is filed and will be retained for archival purposes.

The details provided are stored electronically in a spreadsheet for reference and processing as required for the routine running of the club.  This processing includes: checking individuals’ eligibility to use club facilities, renewal of club subscriptions and providing contact details to club officers where required and appropriate.

With the exception of ‘shooting members’ (who affiliate through another club) it is necessary to share details with the following external bodies as part of the affiliation process (which is required for insurance purposes): Archery GB, East Midlands Archery Society and Derbyshire County Archery Association.  No other third parties are provided with members’ details.

Electronic data relating to members who have left the club may be retained for up to two years.  Paper copies of application forms may be retained for archival purposes.

Club Mailing List

The club maintains a mailing list for the distribution of emails relating to events and activities relating to the club.  Inclusion on this mailing list is limited to current members only and is on a consent only basis.  Without a positive opt-in on application or subscription renewal, your email address will not be included in this list.

Beginners’ Courses

Personal details required for the administration of the club’s beginner’s course, as supplied by the applicants, may include name, address, phone number(s), email address, gender and age (particularly for juniors).  Some or all of this data may be retained indefinitely, to allow the club to verify that a course participant has completed the course and may be used to confirm course completion by an individual to a third party, usually another archery club.


Personal data may be acquired where necessary when organising a ‘have a go’ event.  This data may be limited to the event organisers, but in some cases may also relate to participants booked in to the event.  The details collected may include: name, address, telephone number and email address.  Where details of individual participants are needed, the age category may also be recorded.
The personally identifiable data will not be retained for any longer than is required, once the ‘have a go’ has been completed.

Website Data
The website uses ‘cookies’, small text files written to your computer by your web browser, to enable certain website functionality.  These can be switched off in your browser settings, though this may limit the website’s functionality.  These cookies are not used to monitor any one individual’s use of the website, though statistics relating to general patterns of usage may be collected.

Club members may apply for a log in to the website, allowing access to information not available to the general public. For users for whom a log in has been created, a username, email address and password will be stored in the website’s database.

The website’s hosting provider may store details of the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of visitors to the site.  These do not provide sufficient detail to identify any one individual, and are only used to gather statistics on visits by geographical area.

The website’s ‘contact us’ form sends information by email to the relevant club officer.  Details provided via the contact form will only be used to supply the requested information or provide the requested service, and will not be used for any purpose except where specifically agreed with yourself.

Club Records

When storing the club’s record scores, the name of the archer, competition format, score, gender and age group category.  This data is made publicly available, including on the website.  Inclusion of your details is entirely optional.

Your rights under GDPR

The club is fully committed to respecting the rights stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulations.  For more details, refer to

If you have any concerns or queries relating to your personal data, please feel free to contact any of the club officers.